Understanding The Customer Journey

About a year ago, I read a piece that noted that a top priority for Chief Marketing Officers was “improving the customer journey”.  I had not given this much more

Marketing tactics learned 2016 election

No matter who you supported in the election, the last year has seen many marketing tactics that you could employ in your small business. Here are a few. Let me

Take control of your speaking engagement

This summer, I have had some remarkably poor experiences when it comes to experts presenting at public forums.  It’s not that they don’t know what they are talking about. The

Adding New Social Media

One of my clients called a couple of weeks ago in a panic.  He asked why are we not on Snapchat, Instagram or Periscope?  He commented that we have established

What kind of email campaign works best for your business?

Email marketing is the top tool used by small business for both customer acquisition and retention.   A recent study noted that over 80% of businesses answered email, when asked the

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Get Extraordinary?

You may think this question is rather silly. Every business would like to be viewed as being different. Anyone would want to be viewed as special, as opposed to mundane.

Here are some pictures from the Doing Business in India program.  Special thanks to Michael Rosen and Dinesh Jain for speakers and content.

Here are some pictures from the Sam’s Club / SCORE Chicago program in April and a Business Model presentation in May.   Over 100 small business owners attended the Sam’s Club

Every Web Page Tells Your Story

Deliver what your viewer wants to hear, not what you want to say. Good listeners make good salespeople. It’s hard to understand someone’s needs without listening. So, the question is:

Why your company needs a vision

Looking to develop content for a new website? Trying to determine if this customer prospect is a good fit for your business?  Looking to recruit that next superstar employee?  Trying