Optimize your selling efforts!

You have an exciting solution.  Prospects are intrigued.  But how do you know who to spend your time with?  Here’s are some questions to ask that will help you optimize

3 keys to leveraging your internet content

Ever get one of those emails “we have visited your website and find it lacking.  Let us help your grow your business on line!”?  If you respond you will likely

Understanding The Customer Journey

About a year ago, I read a piece that noted that a top priority for Chief Marketing Officers was “improving the customer journey”.  I had not given this much more

Problem Solving

Intuition, Tinkering, Hacking and Problem Solving I was with my web resource who is also involved in the Makerspace movement.  I was asking him about 3D printing and the whole

Too smart?

5 Signs That You Are Being Too Smart Being recognized as smart is a good thing, right? Maybe not! While you may think that you’re impressing people, what you could

Marketing tactics learned 2016 election

No matter who you supported in the election, the last year has seen many marketing tactics that you could employ in your small business. Here are a few. Let me

Take control of your speaking engagement

This summer, I have had some remarkably poor experiences when it comes to experts presenting at public forums.  It’s not that they don’t know what they are talking about. The

Adding New Social Media

One of my clients called a couple of weeks ago in a panic.  He asked why are we not on Snapchat, Instagram or Periscope?  He commented that we have established

What kind of email campaign works best for your business?

Email marketing is the top tool used by small business for both customer acquisition and retention.   A recent study noted that over 80% of businesses answered email, when asked the

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Get Extraordinary?

You may think this question is rather silly. Every business would like to be viewed as being different. Anyone would want to be viewed as special, as opposed to mundane.