3 keys to leveraging your internet content

Ever get one of those emails “we have visited your website and find it lacking.  Let us help your grow your business on line!”?  If you respond you will likely

Understanding The Customer Journey

About a year ago, I read a piece that noted that a top priority for Chief Marketing Officers was “improving the customer journey”.  I had not given this much more

Problem Solving

Intuition, Tinkering, Hacking and Problem Solving I was with my web resource who is also involved in the Makerspace movement.  I was asking him about 3D printing and the whole

Too smart?

5 Signs That You Are Being Too Smart Being recognized as smart is a good thing, right? Maybe not! While you may think that you’re impressing people, what you could

Why your company needs a vision

Looking to develop content for a new website? Trying to determine if this customer prospect is a good fit for your business?  Looking to recruit that next superstar employee?  Trying

Don’t wait for the government.  3 areas where you can have an impact!

During the primary season, candidates have been asked about their plans to have the government improve life in America. As a small business owner or executive, you shouldn’t wait. When

What can a business learn from the NFL draft

The NFL draft is in Chicago. Commentators are ripe with analysis of draft selections. Players are being compared with past choices and team needs. Every team asks four questions when

Pick an expert that works for you

Small business owners are often admonished to focus on their business expertise and outsource support activities to others. But choosing a professional to support your business initiatives can be confusing

Working with companies from outside the U.S.

Working with a small business based outside the U.S. can be challenging, but rewarding I was working with one of my clients recently. He has a relationship with a small

3 ways to improve your customer service

In the last few weeks, I have had three experiences with suppliers. One delighted me, one disturbed me, and one disappointed me. Let’s learn from each of them. First, Delight.