Here are some pictures from the Doing Business in India program.  Special thanks to Michael Rosen and Dinesh Jain for speakers and content.

Here are some pictures from the Sam’s Club / SCORE Chicago program in April and a Business Model presentation in May.   Over 100 small business owners attended the Sam’s Club

Every Web Page Tells Your Story

Deliver what your viewer wants to hear, not what you want to say. Good listeners make good salespeople. It’s hard to understand someone’s needs without listening. So, the question is:

Why your company needs a vision

Looking to develop content for a new website? Trying to determine if this customer prospect is a good fit for your business?  Looking to recruit that next superstar employee?  Trying

Don’t wait for the government.  3 areas where you can have an impact!

During the primary season, candidates have been asked about their plans to have the government improve life in America. As a small business owner or executive, you shouldn’t wait. When

What can a business learn from the NFL draft

The NFL draft is in Chicago. Commentators are ripe with analysis of draft selections. Players are being compared with past choices and team needs. Every team asks four questions when

Pick an expert that works for you

Small business owners are often admonished to focus on their business expertise and outsource support activities to others. But choosing a professional to support your business initiatives can be confusing

Is your website ready for smartphones and tablets?

Your website provides a lasting impression of your business. A dated web presence suggests a business that is behind the times. The profusion of smartphones and tablets has initiated changes

How to Look Great Online

I got an email today from a highly respected business person. But instead of reading the note, I was focused on his picture. Too often, people online look like inmates

Working with companies from outside the U.S.

Working with a small business based outside the U.S. can be challenging, but rewarding I was working with one of my clients recently. He has a relationship with a small